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"At Dinner's Ready, we call the fans of our food "Heroes". They are our Heroes for the way they enjoy their lives and for their unstinted love for good, wholesome food.

We would love to introduce some of our 'Heroes' to you. You will perhaps see a little of yourself in one of them. Ready to meet the Heroes of Dinner's Ready?

Derifa Rashid

Danah & Rashid

A dynamic Emirati couple that loves the good life. Danah is big on shopping and trying new cuisines. Her love for food means she also shops for the freshest ingredients. Which is why she loves Dinner’s Ready super fresh pastas and sauces. Rashid is an entrepreneur and absolutely loves fast cars. Since speed is his middle name, he also loves ordering from Dinner’s Ready, because he can quickly heat and eat our delish meals and sides.

Diana & Rob

An outdoors-loving British couple who love trying new things every time.

Diana has an eclectic palate because of her wanderlust to see new countries and try new cuisines. She is always ready for Dinner’s Ready because of the sheer variety of sauces and dishes.

Rob loves hanging out in his man cave with his mates, especially on the weekends when football is on the telly. And what better than a pie and curry from Dinner’s Ready to wolf down while the game is on!

Deepa & Rohit

This vibrant and fun-loving Indian couple is always on the go.

Deepa loves eating and considers herself to be a foodie, but with her busy work-life, she struggles to find time to cook wholesome meals. That’s why she chooses Dinner’s Ready Meals for home cooked nutritious food. She also keeps our Ice creams in the freezer always for when she wants to binge watch a web series and unwind.

Rohit considers himself to be the world’s biggest cricket fan. He eats and breathes the game, and when watching it on TV, he ensures he orders buckets of Butter Chicken from Dinner’s Ready to fuel his cheering of his favourite team.

Debra & Reggie

Debra teaches primary students Geography at school. And with her love of countries, she also loves their cuisines. With her penchant for unwinding by exploring new places on the weekend, she ensures she always explores new food options, without the strain of cooking, by ordering from Dinner’s Ready.

Reggie is a self-confessed fitness fanatic, hiker and rock climber. Besides playing a round of golf every weekend, this sporty alpha male loves hanging with his lad gang over game nights – where they love to order the healthy, nutritious meals from Dinner’s Ready in order to be game on, every time.

Debra Reggie
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