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Our Story

A common floating question that hounds every family is ‘What’s for Dinner?’ It’s a discussion of ‘prime importance’ because the dinner is one meal you’d have together as a family every day. But it’s also an elusive one, if not the most annoying. These days with bickering teenagers, one wanting butter chicken and the other declaring they are, “Vegan this week”, it’s not always as easy to pull it together, either due to the lack of available ingredients in the store cupboard or simply not enough time to prepare and cook.

Dinner’s Ready solves this problem by offering traditional hand prepared main course meals, cooked sous vide and flash frozen and delivered to your doorstep whether it’s ground or 50th floor.

All our ingredients are fresh, and meats hormone and antibiotic-free to give you the best quality. You can safely stock up a variety of Dinner’s Ready frozen meals to suit everyone’s preferences, and heat and eat at your convenience.

So the next time when you call ‘Dinner’s Ready!’ from the kitchen, you know it’s time to gather and eat good food.

Our Values

Ready Meals Dubai | Dinners Ready

Hormone and Antibiotic Free Meats

We strongly believe quality and source of ingredients make a huge difference to any recipe. All our meats are free from hormones and antibiotics. And, we don’t use any preservatives in our preparations. Our food maintains quality for a longer period of time because of the blast freezing process we use that brings down the temperature to sub-zero levels within a few seconds thus locking in all the nutrients and flavors.

Our food doesn’t travel across half the world to reach you. We’re Dubai based and take immense pride in the fact that all our meals are made from ingredients that are locally sourced, fresh and hence better quality.


Traditional Recipes

Traditional recipes made with passion and fresh wholesome ingredients; we never compromise on these simple values. Everything we create stems from the philosophy of ‘Would I cook this for my family?’. And the answer always has to be yes.

Ready Meals Dubai | Dinners Ready
Ready Meals Dubai | Dinners Ready


At Dinner’s Ready, we pack our food in sustainable and recyclable trays in an effort to do better for the environment. All journeys start somewhere, and this is ours. It’s a small step but we hope to improve along the way and contribute towards forming a better world.

Behind The Scenes