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About Us

Who can relate to this:

“what’s for Dinner tonight?"

It’s a question asked by every couple or individual every day of our lives – except on a Saturday, of course, which is Brunch Day!
We all want to eat home cooked, nutritious and tasty food every evening. But then, life gets in the way – late meetings, traffic, after school activities. Which leaves us with little time to cook that wholesome meal. And, let’s face it, we don’t want takeaway every night either.

That’s where Dinner’s Ready comes in. After all, who doesn’t love that shout coming from the kitchen, “DINNER’S READY!”

We offer traditional and hand-prepared meals and side dishes all cooked in small batches – the artisanal way, by hand!

Our meals are all cooked sous vide, meaning all our proteins have been gently cooked for a minimum 6 hours, to give you juicy and tender meats that melt in your mouth. We then flash freeze the meals to lock in the freshness, nutrients, quality and flavour.

Of course, if you do feel like cooking, you can also try our delicious and easy-to-cook range of Italian pastas and sauces. And as a treat, also order some of our famous GLOW Ice creams.

Indeed, at Dinner’s Ready, we really do have Dinner covered.

All you need to do is stock up your freezer with your favourite dishes, heat for about 40 minutes and enjoy a truly home cooked meal, with a side dish of your choice. Are you ready for Dinner’s Ready?
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